Making investments that produce more than financial returns.



We don’t shy away from talking about our track record.  Rather, we’re incredibly proud of posting top decile investment returns.  But a top tier investment record is only one-third of our story.

Before financial empowerment became a buzzword, our portfolio companies were empowering millions. 

And before insurance companies embraced strategic investing, we were making insurtech/fintech venture investments on behalf of insurance companies.

While each of our portfolio companies strives to be a great corporate citizen, the majority have focused on underserved individuals and small businesses. Think of: NetSpend supplying an immigrant with his first payment card; Homeowners of America issuing affordable home insurance to a first-time home buyer;  Higher One providing a college freshman with her first bank account; Bolt Solutions offering low-cost insurance to a home-based business; Ceannate Corp. helping a recent college graduate modify her student loan; Credit Sesame providing a millennial with her free monthly credit score.

In addition to both the financial and social returns of our investments, our investors gain strategic insights from our venture capital activities. The limited partners in our Inter-Atlantic funds are predominantly insurance companies strategically interested in the insurtech/fintech ecosystem.

Finally, we are proud of our involvement in our communities. I encourage you to learn about the organizations we support, including Newark School of the Arts. Also, check out my eBook, Thank You For Being Young


Andy Lerner